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TSS Policy Committee Meeting – January 12, 2017

A presentation and update on the Travis AFB Sustainability Study was given to the Solano City County Coordinating Council (acting as the TSS Policy Committee) on the evening of January 12, 2017. The meeting started at 7:00 PM and was held at Solano County Water Agency, Berryessa Room, 810 Vaca Valley Parkway, Suite 203, Vacaville, CA. Members of the public were invited to attend this meeting to receive an update on the TSS process. The next TSS public workshop will be held in the Spring of 2017.

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Committee Overview

Who Will Guide the Development of the TSS?

Two committees (comprising the Solano County, City of Fairfield, Suisun City, City of Vacaville, the Airport Land Use Commission, military, and other stakeholders), together with the public, will guide the development of the TSS. Each group has an important role to play. These committees are:

Policy Committee (PC). This committee contains elected officials representing jurisdictions in the TSS Study Area, federal and state agency officials, and military leadership. The PC is responsible for direction of the TSS and monitoring the implementation and adoption of policies and strategies. Throughout the TSS process, the PC will work with the appointed TSS staff members representing the multiple local organizations.

Len Augustine, Mayor, City of Vacaville
Jack Batchelor, Mayor, City of Dixon
Osby Davis, Mayor, City of Vallejo
Erin Hannigan, Supervisor District 1, Solano County
Elizabeth Patterson, Mayor, City of Benicia
Harry Price, Mayor, City of Fairfield
Norman Richardson, Mayor, City of Rio Vista
Pete Sanchez, Mayor, City of Suisun City
Linda Seifert, Supervisor District 2, Solano County
Jim Spering, Supervisor District 3, Solano County
Skip Thomson, Supervisor District 5, Solano County
John Vasquez, Supervisor District 4, Solano County


Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). This committee contains representatives from local jurisdictions, agencies, and other stakeholders with expertise in one or more of the 25 compatibility factors that will be assessed throughout the TSS process. The TAC identifies and addresses technical issues, provides feedback on report development, and assists in the development and evaluation of implementation strategies.

1st Lt William M. Beckman, Travis AFB
Fred Buderi, City of Vacaville
Bill F. Emlen, Solano County
Jason Garben, Suisun City
John Kearns, Suisun City
Jim Leland, Solano County
David Lin, Travis AFB
Brian Miller, City of Fairfield
Matthew Walsh, Solano County

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